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Once a every few weeks an article shows up on MyYahoo account about how to save money on plane flights. The overlap of these articles is unbelievable: 1) buy your ticket at least two weeks in advance; 2) be flexible with your dates - try leaving on a Wednesday; 3) try multiple search engines and price compare; 4) try more off-the-beaten-path airports (e.g. don't fly into Boston, fly into Providence). Ok, now I've also said the standard travel tips on IzziDtravel, so we can devote the rest of the site to more unique travel tips.

The authors of IzziDtravel have been traveling around for many years now. Along the way, we've learned a few things that might save you a little money, but more importantly might help you pick the right airline, the right seat on the airplane, and other little traveling tidbits to make your transportation more comfortable and your travel more enjoyable.

I do most of my traveling for work (I'm a scientist) and for my Italian girlfriend, Ilaria, who loves to see new places. To prove that we are real people that do travel a fair amount, here's a link to Ilaria and J's Photo Page - our online travel journal.

IzziDtravel is focused on US and European travel.